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When something goes wrong, please review the known problems and release notes to see if there is a workaround or if this is a known issue.  If you can not find a similar problem, then please follow the process described below to gather diagnostic information from your environment and contact support or file a defect report from the support page in the web interface.  If you require assistance debugging your environment you can also see if there is anyone available in the support chat room linked from the support page in the web interface.

Known Problems 

Release Note v1.1

Gathering Diagnostic Information

When something goes wrong it is important to try and capture as much information about the runtime environment and the conditions that caused the error to occur as possible.  When reproducing an issue, the engineers will attempt to replicate the environment as closely as possible so they can be sure they can identify the root cause and fix it as soon as possible.  

  1. Log into the machine using SSH Access
  2. Run the debug script using the command found below 

  3. You can then gather the debug file by downloading it from the web interface by navigating to the following url with admin access.


  4. (OPTIONAL) If the web interface is unavailable using scp and copying from /tmp/alienvault-debug-info.tgz


Configuring Debugging

In order to enable debug logging perform the following steps.

  1. Log into the machine with SSH Access
  2. Run the following command



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